What I Offer

Are you tired of just moving through life day to day?

Would you like to go from surviving to thriving?


Do you ever think how amazing it could be if you could feel energized throughout the day? 

Do you feel like at times you are missing out on life’s enjoyment?

Would you like to recover from setbacks or stress more quickly and easily?  

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at times?  Do you wish you had better work/life balance?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence?  

What if you could find a way to live with intention and create the life of your dreams?

  •  What if you were given the power to make positive changes in your life?
  • What if you developed tools to reach your optimal physical and mental health?
  • What if you found the time to take care of your own needs?
  • What if you could become more resilient and easily handle any life challenges that come your way? 

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Accountability. Support. Action. Results.



Not sure if you are ready to commit to a complete Life Overhall?

Do you feel you would like some guidance and support with one area of your life? 


If so, sign up for a Mini-Intensive!


 Some examples of areas of focus for a Mini-Intensive:



∗help with work/life balance

∗productivity, energy, transitions, relationships

∗sleep, movement, diet

∗Find some tools to improve your stress resilience

∗Get clarity around a certain issue that is causing you distress



Whatever Your Goal I Can Help You Get Clear and Set You Wholeheartedly on the Right Path!
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Looking for a more comprehensive individualized program?   

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1:1 Life Coaching Program

An individualized comprehensive 10 week program to explore the topics of your choice



Personalized Medicine – Medical consults and appointments

I provide consults for a personalized approach to your health and wellness in which lifestyle and prevention are top priorities.  These areas are not covered by our current government medical service plan.   I use my background in Family Medicine along with what I’ve learned through my lifestyle medicine and cutting edge anti-aging courses.  I do consults for various concerns including weight loss, optimal performance and health, advanced cancer screening,  brain health and heart health.   Following your consult I will recommend a wellness plan and advanced testing when indicated.  

10 week group Coaching Program: From Surviving to Thriving
build resilience and create more joy, peace and fulfilment in your day

VIP options and 1:1 coaching also available

Mini- Intensive Coaching Program

1 hour intensive coaching session to set and plan your goal along with 2 - 30 minute follow-up sessions


For now with the current pandemic all sessions and consults will be virtual.

No. Although I am a physician I will be acting in the role of your health coach and therefore will not be prescribing any medication or investigating any health condition.

There are many other options including a 1:1 coaching program or a mini-intensive- book a discovery call if you are not sure which would be best