What I Offer

Are you tired of just feeling OK?

Would you like to go from surviving to thriving?


Do you ever think how amazing it could be if you could do all the things you want to do in a day and still feel energized at the end of it all? 

Do you feel like at times you are missing out on some enjoyment in life?

Are you frustrated that you don’t bounce back from setbacks as quickly or easily as you would like?  

  • Do you worry about getting older and dealing with chronic illness and disability that you see in older family members?  
  • Do you wish you felt more confident in your body?

What if you could find a way to feel your best self?

  •  What if you were given the power to make positive changes in your life?
  • What if you developed tools to reach your optimal health?
  • What if you found the time to prioritize your well-being?
  • What if you felt great in your favourite pair of jeans?
  • What if you are able to enjoy your life and experience new adventures as you get older without suffering in poor health?
  • What if you are able to increase your wellbeing and sparkle instead of the opposite? 

Sign up for my signature program and you will see it is possible to improve your vitality!

  • If you are a female and 40 years or older I am currently enrolling for my signature program Take the “Pause” out of Menopause: The Ultimate Blueprint for Women 40+ to Increase their Energy and Strength and Live a Happier, Healthier LifeThis program was put together using my knowledge and skill gained working as a family doctor along with my passion for transforming people’s lives through making behavioural changes.  After successfully completing this program you will:

have more energy

have less body fat

have a more fit, metabolically healthy body 

 have an improved sense of well-being

feel better in your body

have a more peaceful mind 




In the 12 weeks  you will learn about the different areas or “pillars” of your lifestyle that are linked to your health.  These include your diet, sleep, movement, stress response and avoiding risky substances.  You will learn some recommendations and the science behind them.  

You will be given tools and guidance so you are able to incorporate some positive changes in your life.  

The 12 week premium package includes:

A 7 module course with information and tools to help you reach your goals and give you clarity so you can continue on the path towards optimum health after the course is done

weekly group coaching sessions to check-in, review your goals and progress and get your questions answered

membership to a closed Facebook group with others also finding their path to improved vitality and optimal health-  so you can  gather support and strength from one another

Option of VIP upgrade for more individualized personal support


Interested to find out more?  I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me to schedule a discovery call to discuss your goals and see if this program is right for you!




Accountability. Support. Action. Results.



Not sure if you are ready to commit to a complete Lifestyle Overhall?

Do you feel you would like some guidance and support with one area of your health?

If so, sign up for a Mini-Intensive!


 Some examples of areas of focus for a Mini-Intensive:



∗Get help shifting to a more whole foods plant based diet

∗Support starting intermittent fasting

∗Accountability and support stepping up your intermittent fasting

∗Work on improving your sleep

∗Start a more structured exercise and movement plan

∗Find some tools to improve your stress resilience

∗Get help and feel better around perimenopause and menopause

∗Work on a mindset shift around anything such as food, performance, work, money, relationships 

∗Get clarity around a certain issue that is causing you distress



Whatever Your Goal I Can Help You Get Clear and Set You Wholeheartedly on the Right Path!
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Looking for a more comprehensive individualized program?   

Sign up for my 1 on 1 Coaching Program

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1:1 Coaching Program

An individualized comprehensive 10 week program to focus on whatever is holding you back from having the kind of life you dream of.


Personalized Medicine – Medical consults and appointments

I provide consults for a personalized approach to your health and wellness in which lifestyle and prevention are top priorities.  These areas are not covered by our current government medical service plan.   I use my background in Family Medicine along with what I’ve learned through my lifestyle medicine and cutting edge anti-aging courses.  I do consults for various concerns including weight loss, optimal performance and health, advanced cancer screening,  brain health and heart health.   Following your consult I will recommend a wellness plan and possibly some advanced testing when indicated.  

Culinary Medicine Online Course - Coming Soon

Evidence shows that eating a primarily whole foods plant-based diet is associated with the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases and can improve your overall health.  However many people struggle to incorporate more of these dishes into their diet without sacrificing flavour, speed and satisfaction. This course will provide you with ways to prepare healthy foods that are also fast and tasty

Take the "Pause" out of Menopause Health Coaching Program

VIP options and 1:1 coaching also available

Mini- Intensive Coaching Program

1 hour intensive coaching session to set and plan your goal along with 2 - 30 minute follow-up sessions $450 total


For now with the current pandemic all sessions and consults will be virtual.

No. Although I am a physician I will be acting in the role of your health coach and therefore will not be prescribing any medication or investigating any health condition.

There are many other options including a 1:1 coaching program or a mini-intensive- book a discovery call if you are not sure which would be best