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12 week Health Coaching Program

   Through an initial 50 minutes intake session I will help you create a vision for your optimal health.  Following the initial session we will continue to meet one-on-one for 50 minutes weekly for 12 weeks total. we will establish goals and i will be there to support and encourage you along the way.   In this role i will be acting soley as your health coach.




















Personalized Medicine – Medical consults and appointments








  I provide consults for a personalized approach to your health and wellness in which lifestyle and prevention are top priorities.  These areas are not covered by our current government medical service plan.   I use my background in Family Medicine along with what I’ve learned through my lifestyle medicine and cutting edge anti-aging courses.  I do consults for various concerns including weight loss, optimal performance and health, advanced cancer screening,  brain health and heart health.   Following your consult I will recommend a wellness plan and possibly some advanced testing when indicated.  















Culinary Medicine  Online Course



  Evidence shows that eating a primarily whole foods plant-based diet is associated with the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases and can improve your overall health.  However many people struggle to incorporate more of these dishes into their diet without sacrificing flavour, speed and satisfaction.    This course will provide you with ways to prepare healthy foods that are also fast and tasty




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Fruit and Veggies

Health Coaching Program



Personalized Medical Visits

60 min intake/ consultation $375

30 min appointment $200

Does not include any test fees

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